Everett, WA: 25 New Officers Graduated from David J. Harris & Associates’ Basic Field Training Officer Class

Pictured above: The FTO class in Everett, WA on February 7-11, 2022.

By: Sgt. David J. Harris

This past week, we graduated 25 new FTOs upon the conclusion of our 40-hour Basic Field Training Officer Class held in Everett, Washington.

We were excited to have a so many agencies represented, including Officer Jesse Picard from Yakutat, Alaska. Jesse was joined by officers from Bonney Lake, Everett, Lynnwood, Des Moines, Clyde Hill, Oak Harbor, Monroe, Sequim, and Kent Police Departments, as well as Deputies from Snohomish, Whatcom, and Wahkiakum County Sheriff’s Office.

While we all come from different agencies, our main goal is to provide new FTOs with the tools needed to assist their student officers in building a solid foundation as they begin the journey on their new careers.

How critical is it to have that foundation started by someone who actually cares about the development of our future law enforcement personnel? During the week we discuss the fact there are—like it or not—FTOs, good FTOs, and great FTOs. Great FTOs realize the importance of training and developing new officers to be an asset to a crew and not a hindrance to a crew. They recognize the primary focus of their job is to train, providing trainees with a lot of opportunities to practice the basic skills necessary to build their confidence and experience. While evaluation is certainly an important component of the overall function of the FTO, training our new officers needs to be paramount.

Here at Field Training Opportunities, we stress the importance of understanding the difference between the types FTOs. Attendees will appreciate and understand the long-lasting impact they have not only on the student officer, but to their organizations as well.

I encourage you to review some of the comments from recent (below) and former attendees of our classes and see what it is they have to say.

If you are looking for a class that is geared towards the development of great FTOs, please give us a call and an opportunity to provide your future trainers with the skills needed to set your newest employees on the path to success.

-Sgt. David J. Harris

More Pictures from This Class:

What The Everett Students Had to Say About This Class:

  • “One of the best instructors I have had in any training class. Very knowledgeable about the topic and made the class fun.”
  • “This was one of the best classes I’ve had in LE. Your enthusiasm for the content of this class kept me engaged and made learning fun. You are one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with us, the best example of effective instruction.”
  • “This was a fantastic class. Sgt. Harris displayed a wealth of passion and knowledge related to the topics discussed. Having taken this class, I have a greater understanding of what to do as an FTO.”
  • “This course is by far one of the best courses I have attended. Sgt. Harris provided an upbeat learning experience, treats his students with respect, listens to their question, and strives to get everyone involved. He provided clear and concise instruction on what is expected of an FTO and provided us with great examples. I wish I had this class years ago, and look forward to using my new knowledge in the future.”
  • “This course helped me understand the proper use of the Field Training Program and it’s intended use. Before attending this class, I felt that the FTP was subjective. After attending, I now have a better understanding on how to properly use the DOR.”
  • “The instructor used Adult Learning methods in our training. This proved its effectiveness and developed trust in the program. He took time after class to speak with us about our Department’s FTO Program. He showed real interest in aiding us with developing it (FTP) and making it a stronger program. His pride in the work shows and he is a knowledgeable and effective teacher.”
  • “Sgt. Harris showed genuine concern and interest in teaching us about the FTP. He demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in this area and passed it on to the class. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have been able to attend this class.”
  • “I appreciated your thoughtfulness and ability to use many examples from your law enforcement career to help drive home the concepts of the class. It is very clear you have a passion for training the next generation of FTOs and that you deeply care that your FTOs are taught correctly and thoroughly.”
  • “This was a great class. I had no knowledge of how to write a DOR prior to this class. Having taken this class, I feel can accurately train and evaluate a student officer’s performance. I learned just because a student officer’s ‘performance’ is unacceptable does not mean the student officer is (going to be) unacceptable. The focus of the Field Training Program is to train to a solo officer standard. I appreciate Sgt. Harris’ willingness to teach this class which is vital to our profession. I wish we had more videos to watch to help integrate the knowledge and concepts.”
  • “Your energetic and passionate teaching greatly improved the material and my ability to learn. Overall an amazing experience – Thank you!”
  • “Great content. You used your personal knowledge/stories to assist in understanding the material. Very upbeat and entertaining class.”
  • “Class was thorough and well planned out. Instructor engaged with students and made a positive learning environment.”
  • “Instructor was great, funny, and made a boring class exciting.”
  • “Sgt. Harris was a very effective and captivating instructor. It was easy to stay engaged in the training and I learned a lot.”
  • “The adult-learning principals and related instruction was extremely useful in many aspects of our job, not just during FTO/SO training. The course was in-depth and efficient in the delivery of materials. I really enjoyed the class. I believe that allowing students to perform an optional DOR at the end of each day might allow for better retention for struggling students.”
  • “Great class! Great examples and stories to help with learning.”
  • “You were organized and had a thorough presentation. You kept the class engaged and provided feedback. You allowed for good discussion during the class.”
  • “Information from day 1 & 2 was like being fed from a fire hose. Everything came together on day 3, 4, & 5. An excellent class!”
  • “The instructor clearly has a passion for the FTO Program!”
  • “Excellent class!”

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