West Monroe, Louisiana Got 11 New Officer Graduates from David J. Harris & Associates’ Basic Field Training Officer Class

Say hello to 11 new FTO graduates!

By: Sgt. David J. Harris

On October 21, 2022, we completed another Basic FTO Class held at the North Delta Training Academy in West Monroe, Louisiana, this time graduating 11 new FTOs.

Attendees represented Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office, and Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office. Graduates consisted of Patrol Deputies and Correction Deputies.

This group of students truly took to heart the concepts of the San Jose Model (SJM), as evidenced by their scores on both the final exam as well as the video ratings. After viewing four separate videos of the performance of a student officer, all five groups rated the performance exactly the same.

These students utilized the formula for evaluation, which is in part to observe the performance of the student officer, breakdown the performance into the appropriate task element, utilize the SEGs, and assign the correct numerical raining.

This provided the attendees with the proof that if you remove your personal perceptions (or “what YOU think” the student officer should or should not have done), and utilize the SEGs properly, all of the five groups can come up with identical ratings of the evaluated performance. By the end of this exercise, students understood one of the main concepts taught—that it is impossible to standardize perceptions.

-Sgt. David J. Harris

Other Pictures from This Class:

What The West Monroe Students Had to Say About This Class:

  • “Hands down one of the best classes I have attended. Mr. Harris displayed a passion for the subject matter, which made the course much more enjoyable. He kept the course engaging and the knowledge I gained will help me to succeed in training future deputies.” ~Deputy Rusty Breland Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • “I came to this class with a lot of hesitation towards implementing the SJM into my department. Although I received prior training from our training coordinator, I was still unsure the SJM would be a good fit for us. I disclosed this concern to the instructor on day-1 of this class and by the end of day-2, my opinion had been changed. Everything that was learned on days 2-5 was just a bonus! I have a large task ahead of me customizing the SEGs, DORs, and the FTP specific to my department, however I have everything I need to do it. I highly recommend this class to anyone considering the SJM or any model, simply because David’s knowledge can be used for any of it. David was very interactive with the students and kept everyone’s attention.” ~Sgt Brittney Naran Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office OCC Booking
  • “Dave was clear and kept the class’ attention by sharing stories. Eager to help us understand before moving on to the next topic.” ~Deputy Matt Smith OPSO
  • “Great class! Mr. Harris explained the program very well and made sure everyone in the class understood each section before moving on.” ~Student from Class at North Delta Training Academy
  • “Mr. Harris explained the information in class very well. I was able to learn how to be an effective FTO, which will further my career as an FTO. Mr. Harris explained the SEGs and how to properly grade a student officer’s DOR. I enjoyed the class and look forward to using this new knowledge to training new deputies.” ~Student from Class at North Delta Training Academy
  • “Very organized, detailed, and thorough. Made the criteria fun to learn and explained difficult situations nicely. I would recommend this class to any new FTO to obtain the knowledge taught in the listed course.” ~Student from Class at North Delta Training Academy
  • “Great class! Instructor is very knowledgeable in a very broad range of topics. Knows how to teach while also keeping and maintaining the attention of the class. Has a wide variety of stories and experience to share, some of which are hilarious!” ~Dep. L. Martin OPSO/SCAT
  • “Excellent course that every agency’s training officers could benefit from attending. Learned a great deal about a fantastic training program that I will be implementing with my department. Extremely knowledgeable and professional instructor. Thank you!” ~Student from Class at North Delta Training Academy
  • “Mr. Harris has an unmistakable warmth to his teaching style, that draws you in and keeps you engaged.” ~Student from Class at North Delta Training Academy
  • “Very informative class. It will help my department’s future.” ~Student from Class at North Delta Training Academy
  • “I came into this class with no prior knowledge of the San Jose Model. Instructor Harris presented material thoroughly and made it easy to understand. He made sure I was understanding all of the information in the program.” ~Student from Class at North Delta Training Academy

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