26 Officers Graduate from David J. Harris & Associates’ Basic Field Training Officer Class in Surprise, Arizona

Pictured above: Surprise Arizona Police Department’s new FTO graduates.

By: Sgt. David J. Harris

We just completed another Basic Field Training Officer Class hosted by the Surprise (Arizona) Police Department.

This class consisted of 26 students who all graduated on September 17th, 2021. 10 separate police agencies now have new FTOs returning to their respective departments. Represented agencies included: Surprise, Douglas, Avondale, Casa Grande, Sedona, White Mountain Tribal Police, Yavapai College Police, Goodyear Police, Hopi Law Enforcement Services, and Bullhead City Police.

Several of these agencies do not have a formal field training program, which is not an uncommon situation. As customary, David J. Harris & Associates Field Training Opportunities provided them with a copy of a thorough field training manual. This will allow them to restructure the manual to fit their specific needs.

Our mission is to provide your agency with excellent training and develop your existing and potential FTOs with the information they need to become not just a good FTO, but a great FTO.

The first day of this class is geared to Adult Learning. Understanding how this next generation best learns, what is important to them, and how they want to be a part of the learning process, is the first step in becoming that great FTO.

As we look forward, we are excited to be heading back to Louisiana November 8th – 12th, 2021. If your agency is looking for a comprehensive course specific to the San Jose Model (SJM), or is interested in hosting our 40-hour course, please give us a call and give us the opportunity to explain the benefits of hosting a class. You can also send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

More Pictures from This Class:

What The Students Have to Say About This Class:

  • “This course was extremely beneficial in my development as an FTO. The instruction on Adult Learning will help me better mold student officers I come in contact with. Excellent class overall. I highly recommend this class to any new FTO.”
  • “The course greatly expanded my knowledge and understanding of the FTO process and my future role as an FTO. Without this course I may have been able to be a good FTO, but having taken it, I have the chance to be a GREAT FTO. I especially enjoyed the personal experiences as they related to the class.”
  • “When I was confused with a certain topic, the instructor explained it a way to where I was able to clearly understand the topic.”
  • “Greatly enjoyed learning the content taught. Instructor provided real-life scenarios keeping the class interesting. Thank you for breaking down the importance of developing as a new FTO.”
  • “The instructor was very engaging, and well-rounded in his teaching methods. David was very eager to engage with ALL students and answer questions in-depth.”
  • “I thought this was going to be another ‘how to instruct’ course. However, the principles and standards we learned will help me be a better FTO and develop better officers for our department.”
  • “The content of this course was well laid out and delivered in a way that was applicable to modern day policing. Sgt Harris was engaging and enthusiastic. This course is highly recommended for any agency or police officer who is looking to develop the key skills in becoming a Field Training Officer.”
  • “Great in-depth instruction and material of the entire FTO Program. This course helped me fully understand how to apply the SEGs to student officer performance, and provided me with new ways to train and document properly.”
  • “This course has definitely enhanced my skills as an FTO. I wished I would have completed this course before I took any officer in training.”
  • “The class was very interesting. The instructor explained every situation in detail. Great class! Thank you!”
  • “The instructor’s vast experience on the topic qualifies him as a subject matter expert and who better to instruct the course. The instructor’s passion for the FTP was evident every day.”
  • “The FTO Program was well explained, [and] made clear on how the SEGs are to be utilized.”
  • “This class gave me a much better understanding of how the SEGs are applied to the DORs. This information will greatly assist me in developing my Department’s FTP. I will recommend this class to the future FTOs of my Department.”
  • “I was able to gain insight and understanding from this course and will apply that knowledge as a new FTO.”
  • “Very well done. You are a great communicator.”
  • “David used his training and experiences to explain things which made the information easier to understand. Great instructor – clearly has a passion for this work!”

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