Successful 40-Hour Basic Field Training Officer Class at North Delta Training Academy

David J Harris & Associates Delta Training Field Training Officer Class 2021

By: Sgt. David J. Harris

We just completed another successful 40-hour Basic Field Training Officer’s Class held at the North Delta Training Academy, West Monroe, Louisiana.   We graduated a total of 24 FTOs from a wide variety of agencies.  They included members of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff, East Feliciana Parish Sheriff, Jackson Parish Sheriff, Union Parish Sheriff, University of Louisiana – Monroe Police, West Monroe Police, Bossier City Police, Pointe Coupee Sheriff, and 8 from the Ouachita Parish Sheriff Corrections Division. 

Several of the students commented to me that they feel far more confident in their understanding and knowledge of the use of the San Jose Model (SJM), the DOR and application of the SEGs. 

Like so many agencies, some of the attendees stated their department does not have a formal training program. They now look forward to returning to their departments, equipment with copies of a formal student training manual where they can begin the process of developing a new field program of their own.  

Based on the critiques submitted by the attendees, students felt better equipped to evaluate, document and remediate the performance of their new hires. 

If your organization utilizes the SJM (San Jose Model) and would like to host a Basic Field Training Officer Class, please feel free to give us a call.  Please check out our FTO Refresher course as well. 

What The Students Have to Say About This Class:

  • The class was very informative and will be an asset to our Department. Very satisfied with the information and content of the class. Thanks Sgt Harris.”  – Cpl. Danny Farris Pointe Coupee Sheriff’s Officer
  • “This class was well organized and well taught.”
  • “Fantastic School! I hope to be able to use the knowledge I gained from this school to help me build the foundation for our new FTO Program. I hope to be able to send future FTOs to this school. I really liked your war stories.  They helped me to better understand certain aspects of the course better.” – TWaffle
  • “Instructor engaged with the students outside of class, had extensive knowledge of material and was able to reference experience from his own career. Engaged students without being condescending or arrogant about experience. One of the best instructors.  Great class!”
  • “I think this class is explained very well, so much that it is great for rookie officers as well as senior officers. It is very eye-opening on concepts that a trainer may never have thought of.”
  • “I really enjoyed the material and the instructor. He was very down to earth, and I really felt he cared about my learning.”
  • “In this FTO training class, I have gained much knowledge to complete my training as an FTO.” – Gerald Augustine Pointe Coupee Sheriff’s Office
  • “The manner and energy used by the instructor to relay the course material to the students was very conducive to learning. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and look forward to applying the information to our Department’s Field Training Program.”
  • I really learned a lot during this course. The way the information was presented in this course made it very easy and abled me to learn. I truly hope to take what I learned from this course to help train and mold the future of law enforcement.  Awesome class!” John Kemp – East Feliciana Sheriff’s Office.
  • “I learned things about this FTO model I wish I had known as a new FTO. I am now able to assist new officers better understand our program and how the evaluation of their performance is measured.”
  • “I now feel much more comfortable reviewing the performance of future student officers and better understand the evaluation system.”
  • “I think this class was very beneficial to me and my Department. I learned a lot during this week. Great training and the instructor is very knowledgeable and makes the class fun!”

If David J. Harris and Associates can help you develop or improve your Field Training Program, contact us today.

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