Another Everett, WA FTO Class in the Books


On September 29th, 27 students completed our 40-hour Basic FTO Class in Everett, WA. We were excited to have 10 different agencies send their trainers in our class. Those agencies included Lynnwood, Edmonds, Redmond, Bellevue, Marysville Police Departments. Tribal Police included Tulalip, Suquamish, and Port Gamble S’Klallam. Also included were Everett Animal Shelter and Snohomish County Animal Control.

This was a very diverse group as not only in the police officers who attended, but also in the attending Records personnel, Fish and Game Officers, Animal Control Offices and Boat Operators. Having such a diverse group lead to great conversations and the realization that there are many similarities in training adults.

I believe this is a testament to the fact the SJM can be modified to accommodate a wide variety of training programs.

So, what did some of the students have to say about their experience?

  • “I enjoyed how the instructors broke down the questions or concerns brought up by the class and assisted in ensuring we understood how to properly grade or view the performance of the student officer.”
  • “The real stories they [instructors] lived and observed firsthand and how they related to the material presented.”
  • “I enjoyed the class, even though it was geared towards police officers.”
  • “You have a well put together course that is effective for adult learning.”
  • ‘I really enjoyed your class and felt that it will be beneficial to me as an FTI in the Records Section of our agency.”
  • “I thought the training was great even though it was geared towards police personnel.”
  • “I believe even non-police trainers will receive good information and how to apply it in their work.”
  • “This class has not only helped me prepare for training new officers but has given me insight on how I can be a better officer. I feel way more prepared to set myself and students up for fair and equal training opportunities.”
  • “The instructors were very knowledgeable and made the topics covered relatable.”
  • “Thank you for your time and dedication to the material. Your enthusiasm about being an FTO was contagious. I realize how important the role of an FTO is.”
  • “Thank you for demonstrating your motivation and enthusiasm for field training. A lot of people are very negative, talking about the extra task of being an FTO. I was a bit nervous, but you sharing your positive experiences about the job has helped me become excited about being an FTO.”
  • “Amazing class that improved my confidence in how I do law enforcement. This class gave me the tools to use in helping new officers grow and become an asset.”

We really had a great time with this class. It is my hope that when these folks return to their respective agencies, they will become an asset to their organization and will develop the next generation of quality employees.

We are heading to the North Delta Training Academy in West Monroe, Louisiana in 2 weeks for another Basis FTO Class.

2024 in right around the corner and we have two classes scheduled in Everett. More on that later.

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