Another FTO Refresher Class in the Books!

Some students at the Field Training Officer (FTO) Refresher Class in Lynnwood, WA. taking their exams.

We were extremely excited to have the opportunity to recently present our Field Training Officer (FTO) Refresher Class in Lynnwood, WA.

Having worked 25 years for the Lynnwood Police Department, I was able to reunite with many old friends. Those who attended the class were all very experienced FTOs. We were able to discuss and address some of the concerns and challenges dealing with the next generation of new officers.

Lynnwood Police Department is in the process of completing construction of their new Lynnwood Community Justice Center. With that will undoubtably come the addition of new staff. Several Custody Sergeants, as well as all of their current FTOs, attended the course, brushing up on the skills needed to train and assess the potential new members of the Custody Staff.

Also attending were several Patrol FTOs. The experiences they shared during the class were extremely helpful with our discussions. I was impressed with their acknowledgement of how important it is to gain experience as an FTO. They expressed how they recognized the benefits of the material presented in the Basic FTO Class. Understanding how adults learn; utilizing the Learning Rule and Practical Rule; and allowing the students to work through situations, even when they are hard to watch, has benefited them as FTOs.

We will be in Pullman, WA at WSU in August 2023 for one more scheduled FTO Refresher Class; then headed over to Everett, WA in September 2023 for a Basic FTO Class; and closing out the year in West Monroe Louisiana for a Basic FTO Class. If interested in participating, you can view our current FTO training classes here.

Also, as always, if you’re looking to host a Refresher or Basic FTO Class with a focus on the San Jose Model, please send us an email.


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